German nuclear power plant shut-downs

Between the announcement of nuclear foreclosure after Fukushima in April 2011 and the beginning of 2018, 10 of the 17 nuclear reactors in Germany were shut down. 8 German nuclear power plants, in operation since 1975-1984, were shut down in 2011. Another plant (Grafenrheinfeld) was shut down in 2015, and Gundremmingen B, a 1.3 GW boiling water reactor dating from 1984, was shut down in December 2017.

German nuclear plant phaseout

Philippsburg 21985Dec 31, 2019PWR1.468 GWEnBW
Gundremmingen C1985Dec 31, 2021BWR1.344 GWKGG
Grohnde1985Dec 31, 2021PWR1.360 GWGGG
Brokdorf1986Dec 31, 2021PWR1.480 GWE.ON (80 %) und Vattenfall (20 %)
Isar 21988Dec 31, 2022PWR(IV)*1.485 GWE.ON
Emsland1988Dec 31, 2022PWR(IV)*1.406 GWKKW Lippe-Ems
Neckarwestheim 21989Dec 31, 2022PWR(IV)*1.400 GWEnBW

Source: Atomgesetz (§ 7) von 2011

* III = third generation; IV = fourth generation

BWR = Boiling Water Reactor; PWR = Pressurised Water Reactor

The decommissioning and disposal phase of these reactors will last till 2035. The total number of reactors being decommissioned by 2035 is 17, at a cost of around 45 billion euro. As of end of 2015, there is a shortfall in decommissioning fund provisions of at least 8 billion euro. The decommissioning programme is regulated by the Nuclear Energy Law: Atomgesetz (§ 7) von 2011