Global Solar PV Farms

There is more than 400GW of installed solar capacity worldwide (end 2018), most of which is in utility-scale. The largest solar farms are flat-panel photovoltaic, located in China and India.

The largest photovoltaic farm is the 1.18GW Noor Abu Dhabi, in Sweihan, Dubai. It will produce electricity at 2.4 UScents/kWh. It costs 871 MUS$, and will have 3.2 million solar panels over 8 km2. This is 2.5m2 per panel. It will supply 90,000 people, or 2.5 panels each. The farm will emply 2900 people.


20% of Australian homes had solar panels by December 2018, and 6 panels were being added per minute.

Worldwide, there could be 942 GW/ 2.8 TWh of distributed and grid-scale batteries by 2040. [BNEF]

Global PV Solar Farms

Name /year operationalLocationCapacity /GWp
Bhadla Solar Park* /2018India, Rajasthan2.255
Tengger Desert /2016China1.547
Kurnool Ultra Mega /2017India1.0
Datong Top Runner Base /2016China1.0 (3.0 planned)
Longyangxia Dam /2015China0.85
Villanueva /2018Mexico0.83


*Bhadla Solar Park has 40km2 (10k acres) of flat-panel PV, generating 5.5-6.0 kWh/m2 per day. The park was bid with Rs 2.44 ($0.033) per kWh, a record for Indian solar.