Solar Potential in Europe

Solar insolation depends primarily on latitude, but will also be affected by local climate and topography. Southern Italy and Spain have nearly twice the power output for the same system as Northern Germany or Britain.

PV output for a 1 kWp system in Europe

RegionPV output per kWp (kWh/y)
Britain, N. Germany676-1 – 845.0
S. England, N. France, S. Germany, Czech, Poland845.1 – 951.0
Mid-France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary951.1 – 1.113.1
N. Spain, S. France, Italy, Greece, Serbia1,113.2 – 1,291.3
Most of Spain, S. Italy1,291.4 – 1,506.2

Source: Joint Research Centre, Renewable Energies Unit

PV output for a 1 kWp system mounted at optimum angle (kWh/y)