Carbon dioxide emissions by source

Anthropogenic (man-made) carbon dioxide (CO2) derives mainly from fossil fuel use, but it can also arise due to changes in land use, deforestation and soil degradation. The natural balance between emissions of carbon and sinks, which remove carbon from the atmosphere, has been changed by human activities, and carbon dioxide is accumulating dangerously in the atmosphere. It is now 50% higher than pre-industrial levels.

Worldwide in 2014, greenhouse gases were being emitted in these proportions: CO2 from fossil fuels and industry (65%), CO2 from land use (11%), methane (16%), NOx (6%), F-gases (2%).

Global emissions of CO2 by economic sector in 2014: Electricity and heat production (31%), Agriculture (11%), Forestry (6%), Manufacturing (12%), Industry (21%), Transportation (15%), Buildings (6%), other energy (10%).

Carbon emissions by sector, USA 2016: Electricity (38%), Transportation (28%), Industry (22%), Commerce and residential (11%), Agriculture (9%).

[Source: IPCC (2014)]

IEA CO2 emissions by sector: Power 29.5%, Industry 20.6%, Transport 19.2%, Residential and commercial 12.9%, Land use and biomass 9.1%, Fossil fuel retrievel, processing and distribution 11.3%.

[Source: IEA 2016]