USA offshore wind

In 2015 the USA had 75GW of installed wind capacity, which generated 190.9 TWh (4.67% of total electricity consumed), or 2.6 GWh per MW installed (30% capacity factor). The production tax credit (PTC) programme provides 30% for wind and solar till 2019, and thereafter will reduce stepwise to 10% by 2022.

New York state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, has set a goal of 50% of the state’s electricity to be renewable by 2030. Part of this plan is 2.4GW offshore wind. Long Island Power Authority approved the US’s largest offshore windfarm (15 turbines powering 50,000 households) on 25/01/2017, located between the eastern tip of Long Island and Martha’s Vineyard. Construction is hoped to begin by 2020, and power generation is expected to start by 2023.