Wind potential in Switzerland

The development of wind energy in Switzerland was the subject of a report released in June 2017 by the Federal Office for Regional Development (Bundesamt für Raumentwicklung ARE).

A June 2017 Swiss government report (Federal Office for Regional Development, Bundesamt für Raumentwicklung ARE) estimates that wind power generation can be increased to 4.3 TWh/year (7% of current national total power consumption) by 2050, which would entail the modest construction of 400-600 turbines of the 2.5-3.5 MW class. The availability of suitable wind and land resources for wind energy varies greatly, from over a TWh (billion kWh) p.a. in the Cantons of Bern and Vaud, but most cantons are classed as providing very low or negligible wind potential. The cantons retain the right to decide for themselves how and to what extent they can develop renewable energies of all types.