German solar energy policies

Germany’s solar energy has not had the same success as its wind energy, and is suffering from policy restrictions, which industry associations and federal offices are calling to be eased.

52GW cap on PV

Under the current renewable energy law (EEG-2017) the German Federal Government has imposed 52GW cap on solar PV subsidies. Cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaics will not be elligible for subsidies under the FiT (Einspeiserverg├╝tung) system. This cap has recently come under criticism from industry associations, including the German Energy and Water Industry Association (BDEW) in a June 2019 position paper (Verbandsangaben 215). In order for Germany to meet its 2030 target of 65% renewable energy, it will need a more rapid PV development than is possible under the current limitations, 111.4-136.9 GW of installed PV, considerably more than the 67.2 GW foreseen in the EEG 2017 expansion pathway.