Germany oil

Oil is Germany’s most important primary energy source, at 34.6% in 2017. Germany imported 91.1 million tonnes of crude oil, and local production was 2.36 Mt. Russia (36MT), Norway (11.1MT), UK (9.1MT), and another 27 countries supplied Germany with oil.

Decarbonisation of the Germany economy in all sectors by 2050 will mean elimination of fossil-fuel vehicles and heating. In November 2016, Germany’s Climate Action Plan 2050 laid out the basic framework for decarbonising the economy in line with its climate goals. There are interim ‘target corridors’ for reducing GHG emissions from individual economic sectors by 2030. Oil, for example, must reduce by 40% compared to 2016 levels by 2030. The 2020 target is 90% of 2005 oil consumption and 60% by 2050. This can be achieved by more efficient engines and alternative drives, such as electricity and hydrogen.