BDEW recommendations for the Energy Transition

In October 2017, the Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry (Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft e. V. BDEW) made 10 recommendations to the federal government with regards the Energy Transition.

1. Reduce the electricity tax to the minimum possible under European law and finance the special compensation regulation in the EEG via the federal budget (total relief up to 3.65 ct/kWh).

2. Promote the building heating revolution with a modernisation offensive in basement heating through additional tax deductibility of investments in CO2-saving and efficient heating technology.

3. Further develop the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and enable the expansion of renewable energies in the new market design without the EEG.

4. Strengthen the European Emissions Trading System as a central market instrument for CO2 reduction.

5. Increasingly align the system of network charges with increasing decentralisation and volatility, among other things through greater procurement of services in network charges and an emphasis on the basic price.

6. Promote network expansion, manage existing network bottlenecks on the market and plan integrated electricity and gas networks – including heating/cooling networks in urban areas.

7. Align the expansion and conversion of smart grids with the future charging infrastructure and enable the use of electric vehicles as mobile storage facilities.

8. Promoting digitization and innovation in the energy industry.

9. Strengthen an increasingly green gas in the heating market to secure the volatile feed-in of renewable energies and its infrastructure as a long-term storage facility.

10. Ensure security of supply through a cross-border capacity market.