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    On this page we list the available platform tools which you may use free of charge to enhance your internet presence and to display information about your company on our platform. The tools are currently in beta testing phase, and will be available to download soon.

    Events Plug-In

    This plug-in displays events in the renewable energy sector, selectable by location and subject.

    powerStats Plug-In

    This plug-in displays power generation statistics, selectable by countries or regions, technology and year.

    Quotes Plug-In

    This plug-in displays fun and entertaining quotes and aphorisms from a wide range of sources and languages. The quote subjects and languages may be set by the user. Users may suggest additions. Contact us for more information.

    Language Trainer Plug-In

    This plug-in teaches you useful phrases, with audio recordings, in five languages (English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish).