Renewable.Media powerStats Tool

powerStats is a free tool from Renewable.Media, designed by Andrew Bone, a specialist in renewable energies. The tool provides up-to-date recent and historical statistics concerning electricity generation, searchable by country and technology. You can see the plug-in version of the tool in action on most pages of this website.

To install the powerStats tool on your website, copy this code, and insert it anywhere you choose on any page or pages of your site.

Why put powerStats on your website?


You are welcome to use the powerStats tool on our website. However, by placing it on your own website you will have the advantage of attracting revisits from your site users, as well as placing relevant, powerful SEO content on your pages.

The powerStats tool is free of charge, and you have complete control over it. To set the defaults, you need to register with us. After you have created an account, you will be able to set the most relevant location and energy source from your account page.

Renewable.Media has developed a comprehensive tool for creating graphs and charts for historical and other interpretations of data about electricity generation and related topics. You are free to create these graphs and charts, and download them for your own use, free of charge.