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Community solar power in Switzerland

Published on 25-03-2021

With solar energy is own use the best use. How does Switzerland promote this energy revolution?


Published on 10-12-2020

Bioenergies are a vital energy source for energy economies. A store of biogas or fuel can be despatched when wind and solar power is insufficient.

Decarbonisation in the EU

Published on 08-12-2020

With the evidence of a global environmental disaster pouring in, so to speak, decarbonisation is the major response from responsible governments around the world. Those who cling to out-moded fossil fuels are destined to miss the boat in the boom in new technologies which will drive growth in the world’s largest industry: energy. The European Union has led the world in declaring it intends to lead this revolution. Andrew Bone examines how this is envisaged, the progress that has already been made, and the unresolved challenges that still lay ahead.

Renewable Energy Electricity Generation

Published on 07-10-2020

Renewable energies are booming around the world. Decarbonisation is becoming a reality that investors and stakeholders have to take onboard. This article is a summary of how renewable energy has gained a firm foothold in electricity generation around the world!

Wind power generation

Published on 06-10-2020

Wind energy has long been the main new renewable energy source. Although land-based wind turbines are finding resistance from local residents, there is still lots of potential left, especially offshore. This articles summarises the amazing rise of wind power generation that is blowing fossil fuels into oblivion.

Global solar power generation

Published on 01-10-2020

The sun is the source of nearly all energy on Earth. Solar energy has now become a challenger to wind energy for which technology has the honour of putting the final nail in the coffin of polluting energy sources.