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This is entirely free, with no strings attached. By registering on Renewable.Media you may:

  • Create/edit your personal user profile, so you can use all the potential of our App
  • Set default language, country and energy type for your RM Power App widget on your website
  • Add information and logo for promoting your organisation on the RM Power App network for free

Fill in the form below, and we will send you an email from which you may confirm your registration.* You will then be able to add information to create your profile, and begin building your presence on our network. The confirmation will not happen immediately, since we need to verify that every new member is suitable for a professional renewable energy network. We hold to high standards of environmental and social responsibility.**

All your data is protected by strict adherence to our Policies and GDPR rules. The information you provide is used exclusively for the enhancement of your use of the RM Power App tool and free promotional network. You may cancel your registration, or make changes to it, at any time. By submitting this form you agree to our terms and conditions.

Renewable.Media Registration Form

Password: Use only letters, numbers, and the underscore. Must be between 4 and 20 characters long.

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* All data will be held in strictest confidentiality, and used exclusively for the purposes of operating the Renewable.Media account. No information will be passed to third parties.

** Renewable.Media retains the right to reject applications to join the RM Power App Network, and to remove accounts. This is to protect the integrity of the Network from illegitimate use, and annoying or exploitative behaviour, such as spamming. In particular, industry sectors which are considered injurious to people and nature are not entitled to participate. Such sectors include fossil fuel companies and promoters, and those which partake in environmentally or socially irresponsible activities, such as promoting tobacco, weapons, climate change denial, and practices which undermine democracy, free speech, and the rights of women and minority groups.